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Web Hosting

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Web Hosting

How To Use Cloudflare With RankMe1's Hosting Package


Let's Get Started !

Step 1: Create an Account / Login To Your Cloudflare's Account

Step 2: Login To Cloudflare

Step 3: Click on "+ Add a Site"

Step 4: Enter Your Domain & Click on Add Site Button... (More)

How To Install (https) SSL Correctly In cPanel ?

Pre-Requirements: [ MUST ] Update your Domain Name Servers To...

Check RealTime Status Here:

Step 1: Enter Your Domain In The Search Field

Step 2: Click On Search & Wait for a Few Seconds To See The... (More)

Web Hosting

How To Install WordPress Correctly in cPanel ?

Pre-Requirement : Install SSL First, Read Step by Step Article Here

Done ? Amazing !

Let's Start !

Login To cPanel

Step 1: Search for "soft" in Search bar

Step 2: Click on "Softaculous Apps Installer" and Click The Install... (More)